In cooperation with the Virginia Highlands Festival, the Museum of the Middle Appalachians in Saltville, VA, will be showing “Civil War at the Salt Works”. The program will be Sunday, August 6, 2017, in the Museum Conference Room at 2:00 PM.

The series of five video programs, normally available for viewing in the Museum’s Salt Theater, will be shown in a large group setting for introduction, historical development, and discussion. Adult admission to the Museum is $5.00 and anyone with a Virginia Highlands Magazine will get $1 off regular admission. Members are admitted free to all museum events.

The five video programs run from eight minutes to twelve minutes and were produced by the College of William and Mary from field mapping data collected by Dr. Robert Whisonant and Dr. Clifford Boyd of Radford University. Video 1 tells the history of the Salt Works from salt-making Native Americans to the present day. Video 2 is about the importance of the Salt Works to the Confederacy and the system of earth-work fortifications built on the hills surrounding the Saltville Valley to defend it against Union attack. Video 3 explains the logistics of the Battle at Cedar Branch on Oct 2, 1864 when the Union army approached from the Salt Works from North. Video 4 reveals the chilling story of the aftermath of the Battle at Cedar Branch. Badly beaten Union forces retreated under the cover of darkness, leaving their wounded behind on the battlefield to face death in the morning. Video 5 tells of the Second Battle to shut down the Salt Works on December 20, 1864, led by General Stoneman on his march of destruction through the Tennessee and Virginia valleys. The video will fly you over the rugged terrain of the Appalachian Mountains that served as the battlefield for thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers that engaged on the site on Oct 2 and again on Dec 20, 1864.

Even those who have seen the video program before will enjoy seeing it a second time and picking up new details. You will see or hear something different with each viewing.